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Convergence Partners, Friends and Family,


These last few days, we have all watched with sadness and shock as lightning sparked hundreds of fires that merged to become a massive fire in our beautiful community.  Tens of thousands are evacuated, many have lost their homes or find themselves uncertain of their future.  And what we have felt and seen from the founding of Convergence is that God has positioned us in this city for a powerful response.


Convergence is, by definition, a missional hub created for the purpose of city transformation and kingdom expansion by facilitating and resourcing the advancement and impact of Christian churches, nonprofits and like-minded organizations.


So what does this mean?  We were put here for such a time as this!  In the last 72 hours, Convergence leaders and partners have come together to effect a coordinated response which we are calling “CZU FIRE RELIEF AID”.  


Here is where we are today:


  • Convergence will be operating as a back line resource partner taking donations from our friends at Transform the Bay for Christ (TBC), corporate donors and individuals.  

  • We are coordinating and receiving donations and then distributing them to 8 local churches who are operating on the front line with direct services. Can you say UNITY?!

  • We are creating ministry teams to interact directly with individuals at city evacuation centers to support ministry, prayer and outreach. 

  • We are creating a fortified online presence for communication, ministry and worship


Here is our part:


  • We will be open every day from 10-3 here at Convergence for “Fire Relief Aid”

  • You get to partner with the Lord to be His hands, feet and voice by volunteering as you can. 

    • Donations management and inventory

    • Drivers  to deliver donations

    • Hospitality / Volunteer support

    • Facility maintenance - cleaning, trash etc

    • Communications and Social Media

    • Outreach teams to evacuation centers (Prayer, ministry, worship, connection)

    • Donations and fundraising (phone calls, networking etc)

  • You can donate gift cards in  $25 increments  - Target, CVS, Home Depot, Safeway

  • You can give financially to the FIRE RELIEF AID fund by clicking here: 

  • You can bring donations -  Click this link for a current list of needs. This list is up to date and current. 

  • PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! - Our city is hungry and Jesus is ready to arrive on the scene!

Who do you contact?


For donations or to volunteer: Contact Lindsey Rutan at info@santacruzconvergence.com

For direct questions:  Call the on-site leader - 831-251-9717