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Like many organizations impacted by COVID19, we have not been able to realize many of our plans for Convergence Santa Cruz due to the shutdowns. We want to respect and follow established COVID19 guidelines while providing the support and comfort people need, in the form of human connection, comfort, prayer and support.  Toward this goal:


We are hosting outdoor church services in adherence with Santa Cruz County regulation and state social distancing recommendations.  Masks are required outdoors when closer than six feet distanced.  We ask guests (seated with their shelter in place families) to maintain 6 feet of social distance, that everyone respectfully asks for permission, before coming into closer physical contact with others. 


For the convenience of our guests, we provide free coffee and restrooms that can be accessed inside the Convergence building.  In accordance with established guidelines, we do regulate occupancy at the door and require anyone who goes inside to wear a mask.


We invite individuals who are high-risk or concerned about exposure to wear a mask, and/or to consider attending church from within their vehicles or by joining our Facebook live stream. As we progress through different opening phases, our teams will continue to work hard to minimize exposure risks while serving the needs of our church members and guests. Additionally, we are happy to conduct remote sessions for prayer and ministry, based on people’s needs.