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ENCOUNTER: We believe that the foundation of all that we do is rooted in the reality of an authentic and personal encounter with a powerful, loving, saving God.  When we have an encounter with God, we become both receivers of His love and as a result become facilitators for others to encounter Him.  In all of our activities and pursuits, our foremost purpose is to represent Christ in a tangible way  where others are transformed by this encounter.

(we have been reconciled and now we are ministers of reconciliation)


WORD AND SPIRIT: We believe that the Christian life is fully realized by being firmly established in Word of God and being activated and led by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the manifestations of the Holy Spirit through signs and wonders. 

KINGDOM ADVANCEMENT: We believe that as followers of Christ, our fundamental position is to be representatives of Christ.  We align ourselves with Biblical priorities and see all our activities are for the sole purpose of advancing God’s Kingdom in the world around us.

(light of the world, city on a hill etc.)


UNITY: We believe in the unity of the Body of Christ.  We define unity as being united in purpose and mission.  We resist division, competition, personal agenda and criticism and create a culture of humility and partnership toward Kingdom priorities.

(Eph 4:1-6)


INTEGRATION:  We believe that the Church of Jesus Christ is defined not as a building, but as the whole collective of believers who have been called and set apart by God to be His representatives in the earth.  The church operates in and through all sectors of society including business, education, arts, media, family, government as well as the church to represent God’s purposes for people in the earth.  


PEOPLE:  We believe that the end result of all our efforts is for the salvation, healing, deliverance and transformation of individuals.  All activities will be required to meet the criteria of “people first”. All endeavors will need to prove that their activities are for the transformation of others.


GENEROSITY: Jesus said “Freely you have received, now freely give”.  We believe that the Gospel is not designed for individual profit, but instead we believe the church is the mechanism for giving and service. Our financial operations are _______________  Let’s talk about this one, because it’s REALLY IMPORTANT!!


EFFECTIVENESS: We believe that the encounter is only the first step in transformation.  Transformation is fully realized when an individual has an encounter with God.  That encounter fundamentally alters their beliefs, values, behaviours and priorities.  As the individual is transformed, they ultimately engage in the process of bringing effectual transformation to their sphere of influence.  This is how city transformation is realized. 

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